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31 July 2004

I have added a few things to this and the host site, first i have added a gallery page to the host stie, which is were i uploaded all the photos i have a the moment, and i have updated the events page, if any one wants to do a write up for starfest or the 4th of july, just e-mail me. also i added a blog to the host site so if you want on for you and/or your char let me know.
click here for the Gallery and here for the Blog. I also added profiles for each of the indiviuals in the member section, any one else want one let me know.

28 July 2004 Well if you have not noticed we have our own domain...well sort of....any ways the good news is that i have a forum up and i even got a gallery page up so that we can up load our pic form things like starfest and the parties, links to what i have posted already are under the events page. at this time i'm also working on a bunch of other stuff, some you will be able to some of them at that is my new domain, off which i'm hosting this one. 8-D

07 July 2004 This Site has gone under a MAJOR Overhaul.
I have added new graphics to replace the new font, also I Added a BUNCH of links, I hope have other stuff updated soon, and maybe even get the domain soon....we will see...

08 May 2004

Ok i have discovered that i am useing some weired font that no one else seams to we are going to test and see if you have the font and if you dont, you can download it here...
iif this looks like then you have that font...if not then download it here
iif this looks like then you have that
font...if not then download it here

Not much to add...just put up some links and made a few small changes.
04 May 2004

02 May 2004
Ok well today i added two new names to the
Members list...and oh there is a hidden link in the disclaimer that will lead you a page w/ all the gnome pics i have found so can pick from them or go out and find your own (its not really that hard) or if you don't want to use a gnome then get me a pic you do want to
use.....thats it for today....peace out! -BK

28 April 2004
Well if you have not heard today is my birthday! i am tuning 22 today! anyway i have put an update on the members page, for those who are not there or what their name changed let me know. i will have the StarFest Pics up as soon asi can.Oh and I added a pick the the Front age....probably wont be the final image though.

24 April 2004

OK i have put together most a "profile" for me,
it is sort of a template for what i want to do w/
every one else's....any one have any ideas let me know....if you love it the way it is tell me, if you think i sux beyond belief, tell me, then i can fix it

23 April 2004
Well I finally have a site up, not much to look at
but I'm still working on it. This is were I will put
updates, what's changed, and stuff like when the next game know the important stuff. Oh one of those important things....
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