Here are a list of cool links
and other (ir)relevant stuff

these are in no particular order by the way...
First off we will start w/ the Message Board, though it is only temporary its all we have
The Crazy and sadistic squirrel from Ill Will Press
Base Ball Bloody Penguin Style
Dead Star Trek Characters' Final Thoughts
Kill All Users....or maybe just the Help Desk
Weiner Pong!'s Pong, only it's with weiners....that just sounds bad...check it out
Cats, I'm a Kitty Cat, And I Dance Dance Dance, And I Dance Dance Dance
If it's's probably there....
How Smart are you? Are you Smart Enough?
If not try this one...and see if you are just to stupid to breath...hehehe
Well if your not Smart....may be your just INSANE
Scary!!! They Have Your Driver's License on the Web....take a look!
Which Cartoon Character Are You?
Funny Cat Movie (Must Download)
The Top 100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord
The Natrix....Beats Me But It Looked Intresting at the time
Escape Never Land.....this game is so WRONG....but its Funny as H3LL
The End Of the World
The Gollum Rap
The Mario Twins
Bomb Saddam
It's Time Bomb Saddam
No description is available at your security clearance. The Computer is Your Friend.
Download RPG Charachter Sheets
Learn Gamer Jargon
The Great Roleplaying Myths
Killing As Organized Sport
this is a 404 page that is actully running a text based game....pretty cool
A Web Comic that is about A group of Gamers and their Lives
A Web Comic that is all about a Henchmen and the Adventuring Group that Hired Him
A Web Comic about 3 gamers. --- Three geeks. No lives. Roll for initiative.
A Web Comic about a gamming mag called PvP (Player vs. Player)
An Irregular Web Comic...just check it out...
Steave Jackson Games -- FNORD!!!