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This is the Home of the Keger Gnomes

If you have not Figured out KEGER stands for Kult-of Evil Geniuses Endangering Reality,
but before you go any further I strongly suggest that you read the Disclaimer.

Site News
This is were you can check for updates and
what is happening in the land of the KEGER!

8 Aug 2004

Thats Right you read the URL right we have our own domain name, and what's better is that we have our own e-mail address ( just let me know if you want one.
Any ways thats it for now, make sure you update your book marks.

31 July 2004

I have added a few things to this and the host site, first i have added a gallery page to the host stie, which is were i uploaded all the photos i have a the moment, and i have updated the events page, if any one wants to do a write up for starfest or the 4th of july, just e-mail me. also i added a blog to the host site so if you want on for you and/or your char let me know.
click here for the Gallery and here for the Blog. I also added profiles for each of the indiviuals in the member section, any one else want one let me know.

28 July 2004 Well if you have not noticed we have our own domain...well sort of....any ways the good news is that i have a forum up and i even got a gallery page up so that we can up load our pic form things like starfest and the parties, links to what i have posted already are under the events page. at this time i'm also working on a bunch of other stuff, some you will be able to some of them at that is my new domain, off which i'm hosting this one. 8-D

07 July 2004 This Site has gone under a MAJOR Overhaul.
I have added new graphics to replace the new font, also I Added a BUNCH of links, I hope have other stuff updated soon, and maybe even get the domain soon....we will see...

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Mission Statement:
The mission of this website is to:

* Effectively utilise the Internet delivery channel to develop a knowledge offering that will enable my clients to identify and realise added-value virtual experiences, thus empowering the client with innovative resource initiatives.*
* Pro-actively and periodically re-engineer the website's core processes to promote synergistic paradigms going forward.**

* There's stuff on it.
** I update it sometimes.

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