Memorial Day LAN Party
Ok this is the what happen!
for those who were not there ;-)

Monday the 31st, May 2004


well i got there a little after noon, set up took a little while but we started playing around 2:30

well there is good news and there is bad news;
good news: well i did take lots of pics....
bad news: due to a computer error, i lost all but one....which is available online.

Who was playing:
Henry -- Black Knight
Mark -- Hell Spawn
Josh -- Rakii
Monica -- Drusilla
Jon -- Mystdragon, Dr. KillJoy
P-Dunny (Aaron) -- Capt. Obvious

Game(s) we plan on playing :
Jedi Knight 2
Half Life


The low down:
well the day started around noon, as some people were still recovering from the weekend festivities at MT Rushmore. We began setting up the computers, making sure they were able to see the network (...ok ok that would be making sure MY computers could see the network, but that's not the point...) and making copies of the game that we were going to play. all that being said and done we (me, mark, and jon) began playing about 2:30ish everyone else joined in around 4:30ish. about the time mark was getting tired of playing dunny showed up so we were not down any players. In the end we played at least 1/2 a dozen rounds and with either Mystdragon or Black Knight winning the round. In the final round most to the players were getting board (no one was winning and too many were falling off the map and dieing, causing next to no gain in score), so we decided to have a "light saber battle royal" on top the Red Snip Point. this was about the only time any one was able to get any kind of shot on Rakii because he managed to block nearly all incoming blaster fire. the battle started w/ mystdragon in the lead w/ something like 15 points, and black knight w/ 8, but after about 1/2 hour of fighting black knight was beginning to hold his own and started to gain points, and at times pulled into the lead, but at the last moment lost by 2 points to Mystdragon. After this Henry and Jon went to RaidoShaft and picked up a few head sets so that we all could play Half-Life, once we got back, we began setting up the server...boy was that a computer could see it and another wouldn't , then all the computers but one would see the server....but finely we were able to get it all working. well we went thru several rounds, mostly being dominated by HellSpawn and Black Knight, late into the night, which was full of trash talk and screams of death, thanx in no small part to the new head set which allowed us to use the built in voice over IP. In any case the night ended around 11:30pm when we decided to call it quits, the final round was Won by the Black Knight, for total of aprox 9hrs of game play!!!
there is talk of doing another LAN Party in the near to distant future, again playing games like Half-Life, and possibly Freelancer, but still more planning and preparations are needed for that.

if you would like to and input or share your side of the story here is your chance!

until the next frag, live long and duck often

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