Before i start to get e-mail's about me being this really bad person and corrupting the children of the world and global wars
and stuff like that, i want to point out that is not an Occult (look at the spelling) and that there is nothing evil going on.....well....i cant say
much as far as the corruption of kids....but that's another story.....any way i want to point out that we are not evil Satinests or any thing
like that....to be honest most, if not all of the people in this group are born again Christians (i'll get more into that later).
Now i can just hear all of you saying "now wait what's with this whole cult thing???" and i and going to repeat my self and say
IT IS NOT Occult IT IS Kult.
and that being said, this stems from a running joke at some of our work centers that we are some kind of
cult or somthing.....it's a just something that we thought was funny and ran w/ it. Is I said before "Most, if not all" of the people in the
group are Christians. Now i can not speak for the heart of anyone else but for me, i believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and God
him self, being part of the trinity (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, all being one God and all being separate
entities (for lack of a better word)). I also believe that Jesus came down to earth in Human form and gave his life on the cross and
a payment for my sin, and once i accepted Him into my heart and my personal savior he forgave me of my sin and accepted me in to
his family. All that being said, i hope that you enjoy this site, and all that we have here....and if you don't, well don't let the door hit ya,
where the good Lord split ya.

-Black Knight